Thompson 900 Omega Mixer/Grinder

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Thompson 900 Omega Mixer/Grinder
Our Thompson 900 Omega mixer/grinder is ideal for small to midsize processor or supermarket. With a production capacity up to 4,409-lbs. (2,000 kilograms) per hour (depending on plate size, product, and product temperature), this machine delivers high volume while saving on floor space (37.5-in. x 25-in.).

- Built to withstand harsh production environments, our Thompson 900 Omega mixer/grinder is manufactured of solid stainless steel and features seam welded corners inside and out. The smooth, easy to clean surfaces and solid, rust free stainless steel feedscrew and removable stainless steel mixing arm and paddles reflect the quality construction of this machine.
- The automatic forward/reverse mixing action gently blends fat and lean product into consistent batches. The feedscrew rests in a uniquely designed channel and is positioned at a right angle to the hopper and the mixing paddle. This results in limited exposure to the feedscrew and eliminates overworking of the product. The result: superior particle definition and minimal temperature rise.
- Equipped with two independent helical gear motors, you will benefit from the quiet, trouble free operation of the Thompson 900 Omega.
- 60-liter hopper volume
- 40kg (88-lbs.) mixing capacity
- #32 (3-15/16”) grinding head
- 4-hp motor, single phase
- Shipping weight: 550-lbs.
- Capacity over 5,200-lbs. per hour