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Product Details

Bowl cutting is the answer for better product color, appearance, bite, texture, quality, and higher yields. Our bowl cutters offer an opportunity to improve both your product line and your bottom line. Designed for easy startup, each bowl cutter is fully assembled and ready for operation after unboxing, adding electrical power, and a thorough cleaning.

- Stainless steel exterior and bowl
- Separate two speed knife and two speed bowl drive system (four speed combinations) produces a variety of products from sausage, bologna, and hot dog emulsions, ground beef,pork or turkey, fresh pork sausage, summer sausage, liver paté, to processed cheese, and various salad mixes
- Safety switches on the lid plus an electric brake on the knife shaft
- Powered product unloaders are standard on 75-liter cutters
- Prewired starter panel for easy installation
- Sharp, curved, high speed knives chop rather than crush the meat under pressure
-Dimensions: 40" W x 37" D x 37" H