Ultravac® 700 Vacuum Chamber Packaging Machine Owner's Manual

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Item# ULTRAVAC700 Owner's Manual


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Ultravac® 700 Vacuum Chamber Packaging Machine Owner's Manual

The Ultravac® 700 is equipped with three seal bars and one large capacity chamber, in a single machine.The heavy duty and rugged, 3-hp vacuum pump powers the Ultravac 700 for years of dependable service.

The Ultravac 700 more than doubles the packaging production of tabletop vacuum packaging machines. Two 20” seal bars on both sides, and one 24.5” on the front side of the chamber provide 64.5” of usable sealing bar length. If you are cramped for floor space but need more package throughput, the Ultravac 700 is the solution for you.

Standard features:

• Two year warranty
• 3-hp vacuum pump
• 12 gauge stainless steel construction
• Patented lid hinge system minimizes stress on lid to eliminate cracking
• Heavy duty, transparent, molded acrylic lid
• Hot wire cutoff
• Electrical connection 230 volt, 3-phase with other voltages available
• Heavy duty seal transformer (750VA & 600VA)
• High density polyethylene filler boards
• NEMA 4 washdown modular controls
• Three seal bars
• Made in the USA

Touchscreen controls and printer are optional to meet your configuration and budget needs:
• Large 4.3” LCD screen
• Easily recall up to 99 preprogrammed routines
• Printer for HACCP compliance

Additional options:
• Slant tray for liquids
• Gas flush operation
• Double seam sealing
• Inline filter kit

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