Kentmaster KM-210 Hog Splitting Saw

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Product Details

Kentmaster KM-210 Hog Splitting Saw
The KM-210 is a high production, heavy-duty saw designed for continuous operation and daily use at plants with high volume production. It can split any size hog. It has ergonomically designed front and rear handles for operator comfort. Stainless steel, high quality alloy steels and aluminum, heat treated and machined to exact specifications are used throughout for durability and easy sanitation. Safety features include: A) Magnetic break, B) Master switch, C) Dual triggers.

- 5-hp high torque totally enclosed motor for high production splitting of hogs and sows
- Built-in safety brake
- Built-in water spray system for hygienic and sanitary operation
- 20.5-inch diameter saw blade for all size hogs and sows