Kentmaster HC-III Hock Cutter

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Product Details

This Hock cutter has a 1.5 second cycle time and the capacity to handle 300 beef per hour. The HC-III is compact and maneuverable. This cutter can be hung horizontally or vertically for fast removal of front and hind legs even at close working conditions. The large 5-inch blade opening can handle big beef with ease. Air operated control switches allow fast blade sterilization without risk of electric shock. With the optional leg holder the HC-III provides a faster and placement assisted cut. The leg holder will grasp the cut portion until released by the operator for placement into a designated container. Heavy-duty construction with hardened stainless steel blades permits continuous hard, daily use with minimal maintenance and down time.

- Large 5-inch opening to cut all size legs with hide on or off
- Dual trigger for operator safety
- Stainless steel construction
- 1.5 second cycle time
- Pneumatic control for trouble-free operation
- Can be hung vertically or horizontally for removal of both front and hind legs