Intact® VS571 Vacuum Skin Packaging Machine

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Intact® VS571 Vaccum Skin Packaging Machine
The Intact® process is a unique method for creating a “retail ready” vacuum skin package and offers greater versatility in package type, size, and style because of its ability to run with the film to a tray, film to a board, and film to film configurations. The benefits of using an Intact machine are amazing – a high gloss, wrinkle-free vacuum skin package at a fraction of the cost of most VSP rollstock packaging machines.

Intact semi-automatic packaging machines are ideal for packaging a wide range of fresh or frozen meat, poultry, and seafood products such as ribeye steaks, loin pork chops, T-bones, fish, sushi, oysters, lobster tail, salmon, or shrimp.

See the Intact VS571 in action:  Video 1     Video 2

Designed for continuous, efficient operation, our Intact VS571 machine results in reduced labor costs through the remote loading of products utilizing a magazine system that ensures total flexibility of product and reduced downtime.

- Stainless steel construction
- 5-hp vacuum pump
- Manual control
- Works with film to film, film to gold board, or film to tray
- Machine Dimensions: 40.7" W X 39.3" D X 55.2" H
- Chamber Size: 27.5" W X 19.6" D X 3.9" H


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