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Product Details

Cordless Electrostatic Sprayer - More Efficiently Sanitize Your Facility!
Electrostatic technology allows you to spray less chemical, cover more surfaces in a fraction of the time. Great for sanitizing, disinfecting, odor control, insect control, pesticides, coatings and more! Save time and money by more thoroughly and efficiently sanitizing your facility. This rechargeable, cordless electrostatic sprayer can help you sanitize even the hardest to reach areas in your plant in less time. This means you can save labor costs and have more time for production. A great investment that can quickly pay for itself.

How It Works
Electrostatics is the process of adding an electric charge inside the liquid droplets when they are sprayed. This makes the droplet electrically stronger than the surface or the item it is treating. Just like magnets, they are drawn to each other and attach when one surface is more positively charged than the other.

It will allow the user to complete the task faster, providing labor savings. The user will use 1/3 of the chemical* to cover a given surface by electrostatically spraying the surface saving money in chemical cost. *when compared to trigger sprayer

Often used with biocides and disinfectants for food processing plants, cruise ships, airplanes, cargo containers, production agriculture, hospitals, schools, daycare veterinary clinics, homes, and businesses

Great for the application of insecticides or fumigants in locations such as warehouses, maintenance, under buildings, restaurants, kennels, stables, barns, and chicken coops.

Our sprayer system is great when it comes to odor removal from places such as hotel rooms, meeting rooms, apartments, cars, kennels, airplanes, barns, homes, and schools.

- 16.8 Volt Lithium-Ion Battery Allows 4 Hours of Continuous Run Time.
- Lightweight and Portable
- Just 3.8lbs.
- 3 in 1 Adjustable Nozzle For Different Particle Sizes.
- Quiet — Suitable For Use In Any Environment.
- Removable and Refillable tank Holds 33.8oz. Of Liquid.
- Deluxe Carrying Case

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