8-in. UltraSource Chef Knife

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Product Details

8-in. UltraSource Chef Knife
UltraSource kitchen knives are constructed with German molybdenum steel for superior edge retention and longevity. The classic chef’s knife design is versatile and ideal for speed and efficiency in a professional kitchen or home. Since 1883, UltraSource has served the food service, processing, and catering industries. Our premium-quality knives are popular with professional chefs, food service workers, meat processors, butchers, and home cooks.

- UltraSource chef’s knives are forged from molybdenum stainless steel and are highly resistant to stains and rust.
- HRC55+2 hardness rating; harder blades can tolerate sharper edges and are less likely to break or chip.
- Full tang, seamless handle-to-blade design adds strength and balance while evenly distributing cutting force through the entire knife.
- Contoured handle fits comfortably in hand and provides a secure, ergonomic grip.

Use and Care Instructions:
To preserve the quality of your UltraSource chef’s knife, hand wash with warm soapy water and dry thoroughly after each use. Although the knife is dishwasher safe, machine washing is not recommended as it can damage the blade. To maintain the razor sharp edge we recommend regular sharpening/honing using an UltraSource UltraSteel. Dull knife blades cut less efficiently and can lead to slippage and injury.