Forming High Barrier Rollstock Film - 323mm Web Width x 2500 Feet, 4 mil Thick

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Item# 888323-3100BL



Product Details

High Barrier Roll stock Packaging Forming Film - PP 323mm Web Width x 2500 Foot
- 4 mil PP Forming film
- 323 mm width film
- 2500' per roll

Prices are good while supplies last or appropriate inventory levels are met.

UltraSource Premium Rollstock Packaging Machine Film

Advanced 24 layer, thin UltraSource Rollstock Film provides costs savings from more feet per roll and fewer film changes without compromising on strength.
Our unique 24 layer thin structure film enables you to achieve the same draw down capability of thicker films with less layers. For example, in many applications, our 24 layer, 7.5 mil film can replace common 9 mil forming film. This provides significant savings in film costs and in roll change over, since UltraSource thinner7.5 mil, 24 layer film has 50% more linear film per role than common thicker 9 mil, 9 layer forming film.

High Quality Rollstock Package Equipment Film that Allows for Fewer Film Changes with More Linear Feet Per Roll!
- Less cost per package
- Advanced strength and durability
- Superior forming
- Better depth of draw
- High gloss and transparency
- Forming and non forming available
- 24 layer super thin film
- Great quality and price
- Other standard and custom options available!