Foot Operated Two Person Wash Station

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Foot Operated Two Person Wash Station
UltraSource offers excellent sinks and wash stations for commercial food processing plants, kitchens, food service facilities, slaughterhouses, meat packers and other industrial businesses.  The two person wash station is well built and reliable for industrial use. 
- The heavy duty two person sink is constructed from welded #16 gauge type 304 stainless steel.
- The front, bottom and back are formed from a single sheet with a rolled rim on front and sides.
- Exposed surfaces have a blended uniform satin finish.
- Specially designed foot valves provide hands free use and easy access to working parts without disconnecting mount or plumbing.

Foot Operated Two Person Wash Station Components:
- Two person floor mount wash station
- Front, bottom and leg assembly set
- Washers and nuts for connecting sink to leg assembly set
- Double foot pedal valves (bottom mount) with 12 nuts
- Swivel gooseneck spout with aerator
- Connecting tubes for valve to spout connection
- Brass fittings, 0.375” male compression and 0.375” male NPT
- Strainer assembly with basket Unit: Each