MAJA SAH 170L Flake Ice Machine

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Product Details

Flake ice (also known as scale ice) is the ideal solution for a variety of food applications including mincer process for sausage production,
dough production, refrigeration of fish and seafood, fresh food displays, and refrigeration of buffets. MAJA’s flake ice machines use a deep frozen
metal cylinder, rotating in a water reservoir. With each rotation, water freezes on the evaporation drum and then flakes off, leaving the machine
as dry frozen ice and ensuring consistent quality. The system is simple, cost saving, and does not require special maintenance.

- Reduced transport costs – 30% lighter than other types of ice
- Efficient refrigeration, ice temperature 19°F(-7°C)
- Melts slower than other types of ice; less ice is required
- Flake ice lays flat which saves on bin space

- Stainless steel construction
- Condensing unit in air cooled execution
- Easy operation with push buttons
- Integrated heat exchanger for optimum energy efficiency
- Refrigerant stop valve and refrigerant pump down when the machine completes operation
- Rounded design for easy cleaning
- Mobile ice storage bin holds approximately 50kg of ice
- Automatic Self Cleaning System
- Dimensions: 27.76" W X 27.56" D X 54.33" H

- Additional ice storage bins and covers
- Control panel timer
- External UV-disinfection system for water supply
- External water pre-heater