PS-100 Piston Stuffer

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Product Details

PS-100 Piston Sausage, Ground Meat, & Poultry Stuffer
Affordable, dependable, powerful hydraulic piston stuffer for gentle production and smear-free products. Our stainless steel piston stuffers have won thousands of satisfied customers worldwide as a result of their affordability, dependability, and gentle processing. Produce fresh sausage, ground meat and poultry, beef jerky, and a variety of cheese, dough, pasta, and seafood fillings.

- Hands-free operation through use of conveniently located knee lever to control stuffing action
- Adjustable speed and pressure
- Assortment of three straight fill horns for product versatility (1/2-in., 3/4-in., and 2-in. outside diameter)
- Easily removable piston and lid gaskets for quick and easy cleaning
- Drain hole in bottom of cylinder for easy washdown
- Design that makes oil changes easy, plus replaceable oil filters
- Cover and Piston are Stainless Steel
- 50 Liter Fixed Barrel Hydraulic Piston Stuffer
- 3 Horsepower Motor: 220 volt / 60 hertz / Single/3 phase