Rhino 4 Food Tray Sealer Machine, MAP Optional

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Rhino 4 - Economical, Versatile, and Reliable Food Tray Sealer - Made in the USA
Our Rhino 4 tray sealer features a drawer style operational design and is equipped with gas flush controls for applications requiring M.A.P. This efficient, labor saving packaging machine seals up to ten cycles per minute or four M.A.P. cycles per minute. Our Rhino 4 is ideal for market launch conditions where volumes are sure to increase. The Rhino 4 is constructed entirely of stainless steel and anodized aluminum for easy sanitation. Heating, sealing, cutting, and gas flush functions are managed via a user friendly, NEMA 4 rated, multilingual electronic control panel.

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Advanced, durable, and efficient design elements:
- Seal Tight® film clamping system (patent pending)
- PLC controls with 5.6” full color touch screen (Multilingual: English, German, Spanish, and French)
- Fully electronic film tension control (no mechanical adjustments required)
- Vulcanized ground rubber film driver roller to eliminate slipping
- Stepper motor controlled film advance (±0.5mm) eliminates film breakage and tightly controls advance distance
- Teflon® coated sealing plates
- Film Relax® mechanism
- Film unwind drives the uncut side of the film eliminating film breakage
- 1.25-hp vacuum pump
- Pneumatic hinges in hood for improved access
- Removable back panel for easy access/maintenance
- One year warranty
- NSF 2, UL 963, CSA C22.2 #68 certified
- Dimensions: 43.41" L X 45.73" W X 85" H
- Built with pride in Kansas City, Missouri 

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